Rural Digital Nomads, an innovative platform that connects entrepreneurs to inland regions, was distinguished in an official report of good practices promoted by the European Commission. The recognition, present in the document “Embracing the potential of digital nomads”, reinforces the startup’s commitment to the sustainable development of communities in the interior of the country, with emphasis on the interior of Loulé.

The report, prepared by IOM Denmark and Germany in cooperation with Copenhagen Capacity and the European Union’s Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support, highlights Rural Digital Nomads as an innovative example of how to use technology to create opportunities in rural areas. The platform facilitates the connection between entrepreneurs and inland regions, promoting their potentialities and opportunities, attracting and integrating digital nomads.

“This recognition represents an important milestone for Rural Digital Nomads and validates our commitment to the development of sustainable communities in the interior of the country”, says Fábio Jesuíno, founder and executive director of this startup, Fábio Jesuíno. “We believe that remote work and collaboration between different agents can be powerful tools to revitalize rural regions and promote their growth and combat desertification.”

Rural Digital Nomads aims to promote the demographic sustainability of inland regions, attracting and integrating digital nomads. By creating an environment conducive to remote work, the platform seeks to drive positive economic and social dynamics, generating new opportunities and diversifying the local economy.

The recognition by the European Commission reinforces the importance of the work of Rural Digital Nomads and contributes to the visibility of the platform at international level. The startup hopes to continue expanding its network of partners and promoting the sustainable development of the interior regions of the country.