The Loulé City Council maintained in 2023 its commitment to afforestation as a strategy to decarbonize the territory and promote environmental sustainability. In the last year, nearly 40,000 trees were planted in the county, in coordinated actions with several local entities and citizens.

Projects such as the “Combat of Desertification-Ameixial”, which reforested an area of 147 hectares with more than 25 thousand indigenous trees, are highlighted. Initiatives such as the offer of 2500 trees on dates such as International Forest Day encouraged community participation in creating green spaces.

The campaign “A Tree gives life” distributed 11 442 trees for plantation on private land, while the MEO Francisco Guerreiro planted 170 trees in alte to compensate for his CO2 emissions. In addition, more than 494 trees were planted in urban areas.

The choice of indigenous species, more adapted to the local climate and less need for water, is highlighted as relevant to sustainability. In total, these actions resulted in the kidnapping of approximately 300 tons of CO2 and the improvement of soil quality, contributing to combat desertification and increasing the resilience of the territory.

These initiatives are aligned with the Municipal Climate Action Plan of Loulé, the first in the country, which defines guidelines for a more resilient territory.