The “Emprego Interior Mais” program, launched in 2020, has already supported more than 3,000 people to move to areas in the interior of Portugal. Since the program began, 3,629 applications have been registered, of which 1,700 have been approved.

The program offers financial and logistical support to people who want to move to areas in the interior of the country. The financial support includes a grant of 1,000 euros per month for six months, to help cover the costs of moving and settling in. Logistical support includes support in finding a job, vocational training and help integrating into the local community.

The program has been a success, attracting people from all over the country, including young people, families and qualified professionals. The program has helped to combat depopulation in the interior of the country and create new jobs.

By region, 673 applications were approved for the Center of the country, 496 for the Alentejo, 389 for the North, 119 for Lisbon and the Tagus Valley and 21 for the Algarve.