Portugal has taken sixth place as one of the top countries for remote work, according to a recent study conducted by cybersecurity company NordLayer.

This ranking was established through the Global Remote Work Index (GRWI), created by the company in 2022, which highlights the most and least suitable countries for carrying out remote activities, based on four fundamental criteria: cybersecurity, economic conditions, digital and physical infrastructure, and social environment.

Portugal is in sixth position in the overall GRWI and, although it stands out as a leader in many categories, there are some specific areas where it can still evolve. When it comes to cybersecurity, it performs well (18th place), but improving its infrastructure in this field is essential for future improvements (15th place).

In terms of economic conditions, Portugal stands out positively (8th place), with the only downside being its relatively high cost of living (56th place). In terms of digital and physical infrastructure, the country performs well (23rd place), but is hampered by an only reasonable electronic infrastructure (43rd place). In addition, the internet is considered to be quite expensive (34th place) and of average quality (20th place). However, Portugal achieves an excellent ranking in social conditions (7th place).

This year, NordLayer evaluated 108 countries, a significant increase compared to the 66 countries analyzed the previous year. Here are the 10 best countries for remote work according to this year’s data:

– Denmark
– Netherlands
– Germany
– Spain
– Sweden
– Portugal
– Estonia
– Lithuania
– Ireland
– Slovakia

NordLayer’s Global Remote Working Index was developed based on four criteria focusing on cyber security, economic conditions, digital and physical infrastructure, and social conditions.