The winner of this year’s Web Summit pitch is Inspira, which aims to reshape the legal sector with the support of artificial intelligence.

Inspira’s co-founder, Henrique Ferreira, took to the stage to receive the well-deserved trophy, expressing his gratitude for the work of the entire team that believed in the project from the start, around two years ago.

In addition to Inspira, Kinderpedia, a startup with childcare solutions from Romania, and Cognimate, a healthcare startup from Cyprus, were the other two finalists who also shone during the Pitch Final, facing the jury made up of Cristina Fonseca (Indico Partners), Juan Pablo (Yuno) and Rebecca Parsons (Thoughtworks). In the public vote, Kinderpedia won first place with 54% of the votes, followed by Inspira with 27% and Cognimate with 19%.

Among the 75 finalists in this edition, 15 Portuguese startups stood out: Joinrs – Job and Career, AssetFloow, Starkdata, Actif, AGIT, AfroGrlN Tech, Bac3Gel, Ecoceno, Fizbot, GeekPay, inSignals Neurotech, Mykor, and Windcredible.

PHOTOG/Web Summit (CC BY 2.0)