Digital nomadism is a lifestyle in which people work remotely, allowing them to live and work while traveling the world.

This trend has grown significantly in recent years, with coastal regions attracting the majority of digital nomads due to their infrastructure and opportunities. On the other hand, inland regions have been gaining visibility due to their unique characteristics, such as uniquely beautiful landscapes, a calmer environment and a more affordable cost of living.

Here are 5 reasons to be a digital nomad in inland regions:

Better quality of life

Inland regions offer an improved quality of life, where you enjoy cleaner air, less pollution and a more united sense of community. For example, inland locations often offer more green areas, as well as cultural and community events that improve the lives of their inhabitants.

Lower cost of living

The countryside usually has a lower cost of living compared to big cities, allowing you to save on rent, food and transportation, among other expenses. For example, while a one-bedroom apartment in Lisbon costs around 1,500 euros per month, the same apartment in Beja costs around 350 euros per month.

More contact with nature

Inland regions are closer to nature. You can enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and fishing. For example, the interior of Portugal is known for its beautiful landscapes, including mountains, forests and beaches.

More security

Security in inland regions is greater than in big cities. You’ll feel more at ease walking down the street or leaving your car parked on the public highway without any problems. For example, crime rates in the interior of Portugal are mostly lower than in the big cities.

More local culture

Local culture in the interior is richer and better preserved. You can get to know and learn about the history and traditions of the region, and take part in cultural events and festivals. For example, the inland regions of Portugal are known for their diverse culture, which ranges from gastronomy to music and handicrafts.


Naturally, there are challenges to being a digital nomad in inland regions, as you may have to deal with slower internet connections, a smaller variety of services and fewer entertainment options.

However, in my opinion, for those who are looking for a quieter and more accessible lifestyle, digital nomadism in inland regions is an excellent option.