We live in an increasingly interconnected world with a deeply digitalised economy, full of new challenges and opportunities, especially in the way we work. In this context, digital nomads are emerging as the protagonists of a new reality.

Digital nomads are professionals who work online, enjoying flexible working hours and locations. They have the freedom to be anywhere in the world, as long as they have a good internet connection.

These digital nomads are increasingly looking for places that offer a more sustainable lifestyle, with close contact with nature, as well as a comfortable and affordable standard of living.

It is in this context that inland regions come to the fore. With magnificent landscapes, welcoming communities and an enviable quality of life, these areas have incredible potential for attracting digital nomads.

Attracting digital nomads to the interior will bring innovative talent with a wealth of experience and knowledge. These professionals will contribute to the growth of local communities through new ideas and by enabling the creation of coworking spaces, start-up incubators and other entrepreneurial initiatives that boost local development.

The positive impact of digital nomads on the local economy is very significant, as their purchasing power will benefit local commerce, from cafés to restaurants and local accommodation, which in turn increases job opportunities and boosts economic growth in inland regions.

To bring digital nomads to the interior, it is essential to implement a strategy focussed on improving telecommunications conditions, guaranteeing high-speed internet coverage, offering suitable work spaces and improving accessibility in the region.

It is also extremely important to promote the hinterland, highlighting its natural beauty, traditions, culture and local activities, making it an attractive option for those seeking a sustainable lifestyle.

Digital nomads in the interior will make a significant contribution to sustainable economic development, a unique opportunity to transform and combat desertification.