We are experiencing a time of great industrial revolution, where technological and scientific advances are arising rapidly and making a significant impact worldwide.

We live in a time where economic and social change happen at a fast pace, driven by entrepreneurs who are capable of identifying a problem and turning it into an opportunity. Those are persistent — and somewhat crazy — people who are not afraid to take risks in order to be able to change the future and make a difference on people’s lives by creating new projects.

The entrepreneurial culture is becoming increasingly present in our society and should be further promoted and encouraged, as it is the driving force of our economy, especially in the digital transformation era.

Entrepreneurship has become more prevalent in education across all levels, most notably in universities, many of which have embraced this aspect by setting up startup incubators while maintaining a strong connection with the business world.

Among the key factors leading to this shift is the ability to plan ahead for hardships and the willingness to accept risks at all times, quelling the fear of making mistakes so that when they are made, they become learning experiences rather than failures. A lack of mistakes in entrepreneurship is often interpreted as a lack of innovation or risk-taking, and that’s precisely why it should be seen in a more positive light.

Almost anyone can be an entrepreneur, as long as they have an entrepreneurial spirit and seek out original ideas, are proactive, take action, and always think outside the box. These are the aspects that can help build a better society, encouraging everyone to be part of the change.
The growing interest in the entrepreneurial culture is changing mindsets, revealing new realities, and expanding a world of new possibilities.